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Disko Warp Records is an independent record label making Hi-NRG/Eurobeat/Eurodance music with a fresh/DIY/punk aesthetic. They are responsible for the hit songs "Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire" by Fright Ranger and "Less Than Three" by Becky. Their music has also been featured in Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution Universe" series for X-Box 360. In 2008 they wrote the lead single "Doki Doki" for's 4th album.

Disko Warp has made a number of appearances at anime conventions such as Sakuracon and even Deejayed at Kumoricon 2009.
I love Disko Warp Records! "sexy vampire, I'm falling in love, so just bite me baby, and drink all my blood"
by Disko Warp Fan September 29, 2009
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