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Telling someone not to do something, making them want to do it even more; reverse psychology; giving someone the idea to do something by telling them not to do it, and therefore taking no blame if they do it. Can be on purpose or unintentional.
Edgy guy: Wanna see me eat this bug?
Girl: eww, no, thats so bad!
Girls thoughts: (I hope he chokes)

Engineer: Whatever you do, don't push the red button. DONT PUSH IT. I'll be back in an hour.
Scientist: I wonder why he doesnt want me to push it? Thats pretty much disencouragement, I bet he wants me to push it! *pushes it*

God: Don't eat the forbidden fruit.
Adam and eve: *eat forbidden fruit*

"anti" smoking program: Remember kids, smoking is not cool! So dont smoke! Ever!
Kid: haha, look, I'm smoking! Im such a rebel; teehee ^.^
by Niahc August 12, 2010
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