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An act where two (or more) arguing individuals, whilst in the presence and hearing of their partners, disclose a significant number of previously unknown truths about the opposing arguer in an attempt to ‘get them in the shit’ and end the argument.
Chris ‘You are being an arse - it is your turn to get the drinks’
Paul ‘No it isn’t you cheapscate
Chris ‘You just don’t want to go to the bar ‘cos you shagged that barmaid last night and you are with your girlfriend now’
Paul ‘Can’t believe you said that - Vicky can hear. Anyway you shagged Amanda last week behind your girlfriends back’
Chris ‘You wanker - At least I didn’t get that girl from work pregnant’
Paul ‘You bastard, but you did have an affair with your girlfriends sister’
Chris ‘You gobshite, Yeah well at-least it wasn’t my girlfriends Mother’

The disclosure-cascade continued until Pauls girlfriend punched him in the face
by Voigt Kampff September 22, 2007
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