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When you've thrown in the towel on actually getting to the toilet because you have great abdominal pain and can't bear to hold it any longer. The pain is cramps that stem from the explosive diarrhea you are about to release. Upon exploding from the rear, the path of your dirty rectal fluid parts ways at your taint and heads in two directions down the rear of both legs creating a wishbone effect and achieving the "Dirty Wishbone".
1. Knowing I couldn't make it across the road to the bathroom, I surrendered and stood there making a "dirty wishbone".
2. While out on a hike in the woods, I felt the urge to poop and was miles from a restroom and decided to just let it out. My friend laughed at me and pointed to the back of my legs and told me I had made a "dirty wishbone".
by Max Nova September 13, 2009
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