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When you get a taxi ride to your destination but have no money to pay the fare, the said taxi driver then takes you round the back of the cab and makes you have sex with the exhaust pipe while he watches and jerks off.

Thus, excusing the no payment.

Also known as the Barnsley Fun Fair
'...her heart longed for John, the taxi driver with a heart of gold but she was married and knew that if David ever found out about her illicit affair he would leave her. She checked her wallet to pay him for his kind service and realised there was nothing in her purse, "fuck that for a game of arrows", John said unhappy at no payment, "get round the back and give me a dirty Sheffield, you filthy slag..." Julia nodded and marched to the back of the cab....

Exert from Barbara Cartland's - "A Lovers Touch"
by Samuel Von Gotham August 23, 2012
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