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To attempt a Dirty Pepper Salad one needs to have a "dirty girl", a bottle of Tabasco Sauce, and an appetite for anal destruction.

First you need to apply the Tabasco Sauce to the dirty girls asshole (its best for the girl to be drunk at this point to avoid a violent struggle). After the Tabasco Sauce is applied liberally, go to town tossing that Dirty Pepper Salad.

Caution: Do not go near a Dirty Pepper Salad with your wiener, if wiener contact is unavoidable, don't be a fool wrap your tool.

The Dirty Pepper Salad has also been called the "Spicy Brown Eye" and in China it has been called "General Tso's Dirty Nephew".
Mary: "Why do you have that Tabasco Sauce?"

Buck: "I like my Dirty Pepper Salad nice and HOT!"
by K1LL_4_FUN February 27, 2011
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