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When you tell your friends you've gotta go take a dump and they grab you, take all your clothes except your underwear, tie you up and hang you from a tree or anything high, and leave you to crap and or pee all over yourself. when your underwear finally rip and you fall on your butt and get crap all over your back. Best if victim has boxer briefs or tighty whities
When my brother was a ninth grader he kept mouthing me.
He got up to go to the restroom so i grabbed him. He knew what I was doing because i had told him about it once.He screamed,"No, No, not a Dirty Hanging Wedgie." I took all his clothes, forced him put on a pair of his old tighty whities, tied his feet and legs with duct tape, and Hung him from the top of our tether-ball pole. I then used the duct tape to make sure he wouldn't slip off. His feet were dangling three feet of the ground. He was up there for 4 hours and wound up crapping himself twice and peed once, before his tighty whities ripped. When he came in he had crap all up and down his back, and was dripping pee everywhere. He hasn't mouthed me since.
by CZwrestler37 June 04, 2009
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