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A dirty dubstepper may refer to
a. tone deaf meathead mutants who frequent electronic shows for drugs and dubsluts

b. fuckin kids who search the crowd for drugs in their florescent get ups
c. that couple in front of you at the show who keeps falling back on you because they're so fucked up they don't even know where they are
Dirty Dubstepper: Bro! You got any rolls?
Hippie: No. Put your shirt back on you fuckin' dirt.

Dirty Dubstepper: Bro! Look at that sexy ass bitch!
Hippie: Yeah she's pobably pushin 16, you fuckin dirt.

Dirty Dubstepper: Bro! I cross trained for three hours before the show, I'm so loose right now its crazy!
Hippie: Get. The fuck. Away from me. You dirty ass dubsteper.
by WhoDough January 19, 2012
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