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1) Stick a dick in a vagina to moisten.

2) Once moistened, do it in the butt.

3) Yes do it in the butt, okay.

4) Then you put it in the mouth, hence putting the now accumulated dirt into the cup. (stomach)

5) Use any combination of fingers into the mouth to empty the cup into a blender/pitcher, and add the optional icing. (semen)

6) Repeat until you have filled the bathtub.

7) Snorkels. That is all.

8) Repeat steps 1-7 as needed.
"I bet he makes a nice dirtcup."

"That's a mighty fine dirtcup you got there."

"Nice dirtcup."

"Hey wanna dirtcup?"
by Dirtcuppers December 07, 2010
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