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a. A person or group of people who's living conditions are so disgusting, totally by their own choice, that their living space appears to outsiders as if it is were possibly a twisted experiment on the fringes of science studying the degree of filth in which one can survive. This leads one to the conclusion that these people must then be highly specialized researchers, Dirtballologists.

b. Someone who's self esteem is so low that they choose to spend most of their free time hanging with others who's actions are usually so despicable and/or untrustworthy that they are commonly referred to as Dirtball's or Dirtbag's.
Wow! I was over at Teresa (see definition #10) and Jimmy's house yesterday and those two are really dedicated Dirtballologists. I was scared to breathe in that place dog, what a rat hole!

What is Jimmy doing with Teresa (definition #10)? He must be a Dirballologist because she's a freaking Dirtbag yo!
by kamikaze-bonsai September 30, 2011
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