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"Dirt Doobie" is term coined to describe the lowest form of life,...dirty white girls in love with ghetto niggers. Dirt Doobies are white trash with very low self esteem, who enjoy being passed around between niggers like a "Doobie".

They can have up to 6 (black)sexual partners in one evening without protection, or bathing. Dirt Doobies usually wear a "standard issue"uniform that consists of a red top, dark blue jeans, and bight white sneakers. Doobs have been known to wear the same outfit for up to 3 weeks without changing.
Doobies originated in Alton, Illinois, a small town about 20 minutes from St. Louis...but, much like the vermin they bed down, Doobies have spread like roaches to the point of being an epidemic. created by Rabbi Greg Brownstein
Julia Stiles is a Dirt Doobie with a S.A.G. card
"damn, they passed that whore around like a Dirt Doobie!!!"
by fingerrubbers January 11, 2012
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