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1.) to have a really great time with friends, a memorable time, or one where you drink so much you don't.

2.) when a girl takes advantage of you while your sleeping, by rubbing your genitals (or just the tip) on her hoochee (female parts) to later sue you for it.

-When you get dippydubbed you wake up with a wet dream and a law suit
"Hey, lets go out and get dippydubbed"

"Jordan!!! we got real dippydubbed last night hardcore at the O-W!!" - Zach
"hell yeah we did, you made sure she didn't dippydubb me right" - Jordan

"I just got a letter from a law firm, Cindy must of dippydubbed me and is now taking me to court"
by Mr. Mayonasse1 April 29, 2010
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