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Whilst giving birth to an almighty stool, it enters the water of the toilet bowl and the integrity of the turd is maintained (no snap) until the bowel is evacuated. This is due to the consistancy of the log which is most likely made up of digested pork ribs with a mallasess based sauce and a pint or three of Guinness. An important phenomena is also at play, when the nard enters the water, the submerged portion of the cable becomes weightless which enables the turd to continue and reach maximum length. The cable must be maintained within a certain angle (8.5 degrees) in order to avoid cert snap.
This act resembles the use of a Dipping Sonar Array employed by Naval Anti Submarine Helicopters.
Dave, Loc and Adrian smashed a German pork knuckle, 15 beers, gelato and 5 rums. The next morning, in the Hilton Hotel room, Loc was in peril and screamed that he was doing a Dipping Sonar, Adrian asked if the cable was within limits!
by Triller1 March 03, 2016
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