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When somebody is way too nosy and butts into your conversation.
Dippee: HAHA That's hilarious!
Dipper: What? What's hilarious?
Dippee: Quit dippin' in the Kool-Aid when you don't even know the flava', and by the way it's lemon lime!
by Kyle Mohr December 21, 2008
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Butting into somebody else's business.

Ease dropping into somebody else’s conversation.

Giving unsolicited advice when ain’t nobody ask you for it.
Girl what you need to do is get a job. Ewwh, you dippin’ in the kool-aid and don’t even know the flavor. I got a man and he makes 7 figures. ‘YOU’ need to get a job.

#dippin' in the kool-aid
by darkhackthesys August 04, 2019
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