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1 - One of Youtube's users who has gained popularity through a following of subscribers, and friends (unknown amount). Her lack of videos serve to make other youtubers angry and make her the scrutiny of hate comments; and curiosity, how DID she get all those friends and subscribers?

(Don't get me wrong, she is nice and all.. But no one gets thousands of subscribers for just being nice, or friendly. WHATS THE SECRET?!!)

She remains anonymous mainly because she has yet to post a video of herself, or a picture. According to her profile, the only thing we do know is that she lives in Oakville/Canada.

2 - A bot

3 - Youtube channel:
Person 1: who is dinosaordoom?
Person 2: youtube user.
Person 3: no, it's a bot.

HEY, LOOK *points at dinosaordoom's channel* SHE SPELT DINOSAUR WRONG!
by cherrypopr June 03, 2010
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