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Dinner Party Syndrome (DPS) is a common syndrome that affects those invited to a boring dinner party by people they hate. The symptoms can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours to take effect, depending on the strength and intensity of the dinner party.
Symptoms often include: debilitating boredom; smiling (usually at the host or hostess) against one's will or when unhappy; anxiety; loss of interest in life, food, and socializing; rage; and social anxiety.
DPS can be cured or prevented with the end of the dinner party, a good book, enjoyable music, or speaking with someone that isn't mind-numbingly boring.
Jack: Jill texted me the other day while she was at a dinner party.
Jim: Why?
Jack: She said it was boring and she didn't want to suffer from Dinner Party Syndrome.

Mother: Why don't you want to go to the dinner party tonight?
Daughter: Because only your friends will be there and I hate them. If I go, I'll have an intense case of Dinner Party Syndrome.
by Eskpi July 18, 2010
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