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A synonym for a Penis, cock and balls, babymaker, wang, chub, twig and berries, tally wacker, pee pee, dinky, weiner, shlong, johnson, dick, fuck stick, mommy daddy button, I could go on but I think you get my point ( no pun intended)!!!!!It is also the Guitarist for the band "Weight of the crown" middle name. Danny "dink-fat" Lilley!!!

Made famous by W.O.T.C and Williamsport Kids!!!!!!!
"Bitch kicked me right in the Dink Fat"!!!

"Thats our guitarist Danny Dink-Fat"!!!

"Shut up or your gettin the Dink-Fat"

"She was cradling my balls and suckin on my Dink-fat"

"I stuck my Dink-fat in to her V-john"
by James Pulizzi January 27, 2009
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