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A person (usually of African decent) that claims zero responsibility for their own actions even when clearly at fault. Usually tends to lack proper Grammar and Speaking skills. Can usually found collecting Unemployment Checks or other Government Assistance Vouchers. Always the first ones to complain about even the smallest problems.
Officer: "Sir, did you steal this bag of Skittles?"
Criminal: "Na Bra, I Dindo Nuffin!"
by LittleDebbieSnackNuffins March 10, 2016
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is a friend you can always go to for help and advice. always there to give a helping hand...he is very intelligent,speaks his opinions,can be shy at times. he knows how to charm people, make them smile and laugh. he is cute,handsome, sweet,fun,great sense of humor. Has a smile that will melt your heart.
a real "prince charming" :).....a "handsome prince"
That Dindo makes me smile :)....he will always be my prince.
by Goddess of Love 143 January 17, 2012
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