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When a woman puts demonic black and white makeup around her vagina. You can also create a Dimmu Burger by using said makeup to create an upside down cross where one end is at the end of the vagina and the other is at the bottom of the pooper or by making a devil star with the top two points on either side of your vagina, the side points on your thighs, and the bottom point on the bottom of your cornhole. Often the most popular is to create a demonic face on your vagina with the mouth being the vagina. It is recommended to powder the makeup so that it doesn't sweat off during intercourse.
"Dude I did it with that goth chick last night."
"Nice! How was it?"
"It was kind of awkward. We were going at it, and then I realized that she had a Dimmu Burger."
"Did she at least remember to powder it?"
"No, that was the awkward part, I'm used to fucking demon vaginas, but afterwards i had a ton of melted black and white makeup all over me."
by BillyandBarry December 05, 2011
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