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Dim Mak aka The Death Touch or Death Point Striking
Uses chi,not ki, injection through fingertips/one knuckle punches/kicks into the enemy's chi flow channels. The same points to strike are used for acupuncture. Dim Mak is not a sport. DIM MAK IS ONLY USED FOR SELF DEFENSE.
Ex: the famous chop to the side of the neck as seen in steven segal movies. The point here is near the carotid sinus - you can K.O. someone with just a stroke of this. Also, the twisting palm strike in the end of kill bill 2 (just the last screwing strike)

Dim Mak kills instantly or through time. Can cause disease if not practiced correct (due to bad chi), but an increase in health quality when practicing the health methods.
Dim Mak is proven and if your interested look up "Erle Montaigue" in a search engine

Methods to increase chi flow include qigung/qigong/chi-kung, and tai-chi-chuan.
These are Dim Mak points:
-chop to the neck
-the funnybone
-there is a point in the armpit, when striked will cause the heart to stop beating/same effect with a punch to the left nipple.
-slaps/smacks to certain spots like the backbone sends chi into it and fixes the chi disruption you just created with your strike. AGAIN, DIM MAK IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
by Pla7inum September 07, 2006
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