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noun; Dilbrow is a utilitarian word that may be applied either:
1. As a nickname
2. As a handy way to introduce an urban legend, following a the witnessing of a crazy or uncanny action, one may pronounce that 'they heard Dilbrow' did a similar action in a completely impossible way.
3. As an insult to call out any general slow-witted action
1. I saw Steve was cracking into the Do-Bro (or equally rank beer) last night! What a Dilbrow!
2. (Whilst watching a show of Man vs. Wild):
Guy 1: Goddamn Bear Grylls is a crazy motherfucker. Look at him slaughtering that poor pig armed only with a spear.
Guy 2: I heard that Dilbrow once did that armed only with his bare hands.
3. (Following a particularly absent-minded action by Guy 1)
Guy 2: SHIT DILBROW!!! (Meaning: shit man, pull yourself together!!)
by Doake December 14, 2010
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