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The two-men indie game development studio based on Yuma, Arizona, USA and formed by brothers James & Robert Romine, which is notoriously known for making video games with lots of bugs, bad graphics, terrible gameplay, as well as the shady business practices of themselves such as asset flipping, giving out free Steam Keys for Greenlight votes, spamming Steam Greenlight with reskins of a same game, censorship, and so on.

Their first game, The Slaughtering Grounds, was criticized by YouTuber Jim Sterling due to the game's poor quality. The stutio issued a false DMCA claim against the video, and later tried to seek damage from Sterling for false accusation. Their games are indeed so shit that they received tremendous amount of negative reviews and comments, while the studio did their best banning people calling out their practices.

The studio went even crazier trying to take down all negative comments against them. They submitted a lawsuit to Arizona District Court against 100 anonymous Steam users and even subpoenaed Valve in an attempt to acquire these users' personal information. Valve then pulled all Digital Homicide games from sale, saying they "stopped doing business with Digital Homicide for being hostile to Steam customers".
A: Look at all those Digital Homicide games getting removed from Steam Store!
B: Yeah they really fucked up big time. No doubt Digital Homicide just committed a Digital Suicide.
by Star P. September 18, 2016
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