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The Digital Grand Canyon refers to the gap between American citizens:

*with effective access to digital and information technology versus those with very limited or no access at all and/or

*with sufficient and proper resources, training and skills needed to effectively participate as a digital citizen versus those without and/or

*with the desire and mindset to embrace digital citizenry versus those without and/or

*with sufficient english language skills to effectively participate as an american digital citizen versus those without

Applying the 80/20 rule, there are 50 million american citizens in the digital grand canyon. Not a laughing matter, these citizens do or can expect to experience a lesser quality of american life, as more international and american businesses, and even federal, state and local governments, more growingly rely on providing online services, which can be much less costly to the organizations, than those provided by brick and mortar, telephone call center, and other facilities.

The term global digital divide refers to differences in citizen access, compared among countries.
Some examples of use of digital grand canyon:

Florida is full of people in the digital grand canyon, driving around wasting time looking for the best early bird special, when they could have just looked and found it online.

With a data plan, your phone can help you over the digital grand canyon, to online register your kid for town sponsored soccer.
by Stevewithmpa December 08, 2010
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