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The first book released by Timothy Linnomme. When a man who has been profoundly blind for twenty five years gains sight through created optic modules, something goes aberrantly wrong. A portion of his forebrain can now see but it has no way at first of equating what is seen with appropriate images. It orders its world using dedicated number schema, but that is only the beginning. SWR never lets anyone walk away from them and their vision experiment has cost too much money. When his aberrant vision is exposed to the darker side of humanity, it learns to respond in kind...
Digit Eyes: If he can see is too late to run...
by CryHavoc February 07, 2012
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The sensation one gets when staring at their television, computer screen or phone for long periods of time.
After watching thriller, Rebecca had Digiteyes.
by reveala August 02, 2011
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