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Stupid fucks who diss digimon saying it came afer pokemon therefore ripping it off.

If it weren't for the fucking dubbing companies Digimon would be one of the best shows around.

I know not everyone agrees with me so if you don't agree with me just shut the fuck up. These people like Digimon so who cares if you don't
If you vote thumbs down to this your a hater of Digimon. FUCK ALL OF THE DIGIMON HATERS
by Action Waters August 27, 2008
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An ignorant piece of scum who hates digimon based on slander from a war long ago, or because of the numerous yaoi and yuri hintings within it. They are typically homophobes and pokemon haters, and based on either the ignorant assumption that it is a pokemon ripoff(When in reality it has much more in common with Fushigi Yuugi), or because of the heavy subtext in favor of the Kensuke, Taito, and Miyami couplings. In the few instances where one of them has seen digimon adventure, it is usually either the Etemon arc or an episode that has been horrendously dubbed, and not one of them has seen the Numemon's slaughter, Wizaamon's sacrifice, or even Sora's struggle with her crest refusing to glow. They can usually be found making homophobic statements about digimon(Plenty of them on this very site), bashing people who like it, falsely claiming that it is only for little kids, or otherwise trying to make digimon fans' life a living hell and ensuring no one else enjoys such a great anime series.
Digimon haters are scum that should be shot on sight.
by birdboy2000 February 14, 2004
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Digimon haters are rad dudes who know the score. Every one of them is a real man of genius, the sort of man who takes an even-handed approach to everything.
by KidCharlemagne August 19, 2006
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