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Often on Urban Dictionary has alot of hate for emo and goth and incorrect definitions
For example some YouTubers like Crankthatfrank , Evangeline Demuro and Social Repose fall within these categories.

Emo is usually depicted to be a phase for teen though that is not always the case as you see with YouTuber Crankthatfrank. They are abit like Goths but not as extreme. They can wear other colours than just black and are not usually that dark personality wise. They can also seem about more casual in hoodies etc.

Goths are usually how you imagine them to look. They wear alot of black and usually are quite pale but can have colours like green to go with green hair etc .They also have different sub cultures which I wouldn't recommend going to Urban dictionary for as they have alot of hate on this website. They also have different levels of extreme for example , YouTubers Evangeline Demuro and Social Repose. Evangeline typically wears black clothing, sometimes with white (chequered). Her clothing isn't usually that heavy and is quite light and airy. Her make up also consists of other colours but more dark than light and bright. More extreme Goths like Social Repose wear very heavy clunky clothing which seen cool but difficult to cary around. ( Social Repose as a person is truly terrible).

People often criticise Goths to be evil devil worshippers , though this is not true and is just a stereotype. Goths are often quite artistic though people don't see this.
Person : wow these pictures if my emo phase are so embarrassing hahaha. I still wish I could be like inspiration though
Goth: I wish people would lead. The Difference between emo and goth. Ugh.
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by Goodbyebish May 18, 2019
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