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see, doylestown.

1. Source of much diesel.
2. Doylestown, Pennsylvania, A place where kids think they are William S. Burroughs at the age of 17. Also a location where Requiem for a dream DVD sales are particularly higher than the national average. The typical Dieseltownian is characterized by their pallid skin, dark circles under the eyes, and complete lack of pupils. Manorexia is common and bowel movements are rare. By the age of 20 true Dieseltownians are either out of town, dead, or republican.
3. The state of mind that corresponds with one's presence in Dieseltown.
Tina: What's up with Ahmed?
Maurice: The kid that's dipping out?
Tina: Uh, yeah?
Maurice: He's on a one-way train to Dieseltown.
Tina: Huh?
by tuppence July 18, 2006
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