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Vehicle that will go forever, many 500,000 miles with no major maintenence. The larger S-class sedan averages 28 mpg with a 5,500 pound chassis. The safest comercially produced cars available. They are also equiped to run on Bio-Diesel and can be converted to run on vegtable oil. Mercedes was the first automaker to put a diesel engine in a passenger car, and in 1974 was the first one to offer it in a turbo charged version. An early model diesel mercedes can be bought for under 2,000 usd and will last forever. You can also smash hondas with them. Racing teams in Finland have been known to produce over 400 wheel horse power with the 5 cylinder 3.0 litre turbo diesel mercedes. It also set the world record for fuel economy at Lemans in 1975, a record which has still not been broken. True story: I was driving my 1979 300SD down a windy road, and I hit some gravel and slid into a large pole. I was going about 70 mph when I hit the pole and the following damage was done to my mercedes: Broken Turnsignal, Cracked headlight casing, Scratched chrome on bumper, Broken Fog light. If you were to hit that pole in a honda going the same speed, you would have wound up with an engine (a small gay 1.6 litre engine) lodged in your rib cage.
Jim: "How did you break your turnsignal?"
Alex: "I hit a honda civic in my Diesel Mercedes."
Jim: "Is he going to buy you a new one?"
Alex: "No..he was Ejected right before his car exploded"
by brown mobile w116 December 07, 2006
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