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1) A song written by Damon Duperre and Lance Williams in 1983 and recorded by Boss Tweed in January 1984. Die You Bitch is considered by many to be the greatest heavy metal song ever written. Die You Bitch was voted “Best New Metal Song of 1984” on 90.9 KNON radio in Dallas Texas. To date this song lives on and has been recorded by or played live by numerous bands including Stress, Mark Trimmier, Assassin, Bowel Movement, Staggercrawl and many others. Die You Bitch was re-released in 2011 on the LP Boss Tweed “Die You Bitch” on Stormbringer Records.

Lyrics :

I am sick of love and trust
my mind is filled with hate
You say you want me to be true
But I’d rather masturbate
You’re looking for a relationship
But not me that’s a waste
Why don't you drop ‘em to the ground
and gimme a little taste

Die Die
Die You Bitch

Bitch now drop down to your knees
I want to see you squirm
You'll give me pleasure until I bleed
I’ll beat you till you learn
I’ll make your body writhe in pain
and enjoy my meaty treat
I’m gonna pound away all night and day
till you get stuck to my sheets

Die Die
Die You Bitch

I've finished with my dirty deed
I have no more use for you
You’re nothing more than a piece of meat
a two bit little screw
Your voice and face they make me sick
It’s time for you to die
I’m going to kill you and your family too
to give necrophilia a try

Die Die
Die You Bitch
Die Die Die Die Die
You Bitch
George often sings "Die You Bitch" in the shower.

"Die You Bitch" is the best heavy metal song ever written.
by Mortarhead November 06, 2012
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