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The reference to the action of pedophila, but used as a noun, not as a verb. Almost as a type of "drug" closely related to Riddlen. In many occastions it is used to discretly talk in public about the action, wether in the past, present, or future tense.
Pedophile A to Pedophile be in a crowded room of Non-Pedophiles.

A:"I was recently perscribed Diddlen from my doctor, I almost overdosed last night while babysitting."
B:"While volunteering at my church's nursery, I popped a few Diddlen myself."

One friend speaking sadly about his convicted pediophilic grandfather to another friend around a stranger.

Friend 1: "My grandfather abused Diddlen, he's now in jail."
Friend 2: "Thats sad, who caught him?"
Friend 1: "My cousin, his granddaugher."
Stranger: "I wonder if I need to use Diddlen, I've never heard of this drug..."
by Red Phoenix1 August 14, 2009
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