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The asshole to always correct spelling in chat or on a forum.
Me: We got teh Rogue @ Wine World, it's called Hazelnut Brown Nectar...
The Perp: *the
Me: It's the internet dude, not a respopnse paper. dont be such a dictionazi.
by Cohdilicious September 29, 2009
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N. One who incessantly corrects others for misusing a word. (such as saying 'irony' when one should use 'coincidence') Similar to a Grammar Nazi, differing in that they don't correct spelling or sentence structure, only word usage.
Person 1:"I'd of done differently"
Person 2: " You obviously mean 'I'd have done differently."
Person 1:" Screw you, you bloody Dictionazi"
by hadomaru2 May 25, 2010
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