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Noun- A term commonly used in reference to an individual with a smaller than average man sausage. This terminal affliction, while endemic to suburban areas of northern Philly, is spreading proportionally with the growing number of fake ass punks and individuals whose only goal is to appear outwardly tough when in reality, they are total pussies.

*Note* While many terms are adequate too describe someone with a really small shlong, Dickleosis should be reserved for the rarest of occasions when you encounter that certain kind of asshole who really makes you hate them. Think of it as a Château Cheval Blanc. Only to be used at the rarest of occasions and when it is, everyone in the room notices you.
Did you hear the terrible news?! Dr. Huxtable told me that Keith has stage 4 Dickleosis! The doctor says he has no chance of ever getting his nut.
by Sam Merc February 22, 2013
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