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1) High self-esteem, whether justified or otherwise, leading one to score with the ladies

2) Cocky sexual attitude; to be certain one is going to get laid


Friend 1: "Man, I can't believe Joe is talking to that girl. She's way out of his league."

Friend 2: "Yeah, he's in utter dickbelief!"

3) A newly-found faith in a friend previously thought to be a loser; being impressed by a friend's sexual conquests.


Friend 1: "Wow! Did you hear Joey took those two girls home from the club and had a threesome all night?!"

Friend 2: "Yeah. He's restored my dickbelief in him..."

Friend 1: "I guess I'm a dickbeliever, too! What a lucky bastard!"
1) After three crown and cokes, Nick gained a bit of dickbelief and flirted with the sorority sluts.

2) After Morty scored with that bombshell, I was in dickbelief.

See also: Dickbeliever ; Romeovernight
by Dick Vendor June 02, 2011
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