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When a girl is on an imaginary leash of a guy, meaning he has power or control over her in a way that she more or so bends to his whim. The male figure does not have to be a boy friend but just a male who has control. The girl may be under said male's charm, physical attraction, or some other trait that the girl takes interest in. It may also be from black mail or some sort of manipulative control to make said girl bend to their will and do what they please.
Samantha: Hey, did you see the new tron movie?

Ronny: Did I say you could talk, bitch? Speak only when spoken to, fucking bitch
Samantha: Your right :\ I'm sorry.
David: (whispers) Hey luke, is it me or does Ronny seem to have Sam on a total dick leash?

Luke: yeah man i totally agree.

(girl is tying shoes for a friend who asked her to tie his shoes)

Person 1: Well someone seems to be on a pretty tight dick leash.
Public bystanders: (laughing)
by Bferrari24 January 07, 2011
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