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A Dick Alert is...

1. A thing someone says to there friends right before a dickhead walks up to them.
2. A new item that goes off when someone is getting raped (fucked in the ass/pussy when they dont wont it to happen) by another male/female in prison.
3. A (silent) alarm (also known as Pig Alert or popo alert) that goes off when cops are pullin up into a meth lab.
4. Someone that woke up from a bad dream (involing a dick) and where very alert from it.
1. Person1: OH SHIT "DICK ALERT"!
Person1: Good idea!

2. Alarm: "Dick Alert" "Dick Alert" "Dick Alert"
Cops: omfg get in there fast and stop the raping!

3. (Silent) Alarm: "DICK ALERT"
Person1: OH FUCK! Everyone fire at the dicks (cops, pigs, or popo)

4. Person1: -awakes fastly after dream- oh shit dick alert!!! i had that dream again!!!!
by Taterbawls January 08, 2010
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Some sort of indicator that a person is a dick before they do or say something that clearly proves that they are a dick. It could be a subtle statement or act or anything else that isn't overt, but hints that the person will later prove without a doubt that they are a dick.
When the cop said, "It is my job to get in people's business," it was a dick alert.
by Jugs455 November 22, 2009
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