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An incredible song that evokes the thrusting of the pelvis, resulting in one's penis bouncing. Usually an emotional, sometimes nostalgic experience.
When you said Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) by Christopher Cross was a Dick Wagger, you weren't lying.

That party I went to the other night... Absolutely loaded with Dick Waggers. Nonstop. Unreal.

I went to one of those silent disco's recently to make fun of everyone there because the premise is so absurd,but there must have been at least a couple Dick Waggers played because people a were freaking out
by ThomasMattson October 31, 2017
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Just break it down

Dick= Cock
Wagger= Tail

A woman talking to her friends at work says, "Hey guys, it's been a shitty day, how about some dickwaggers after work?"
by elwkcc March 01, 2011
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