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The act of being so polite when asking for sexual acts (sending or requesting nudes, invitations for sex etc.) it makes women regardless of sexual orientation want to jump in bed with you.
Example 1: Man: excuse me miss but my lovely girlfriend and i were wondering if youd like to sleep with us? now you dont have to do anything you dont want to but i would sincerely LOVE if you'd let me inside of you if you dont want to thats fine last thing i want is to make you uncomfortable

Woman: Oh wow your Dick Manners really threw me for a loop of course i will have sex with you and your girlfriend.

Example 2: Man: pardon me if i'm coming off too strong i just happen to find you very attractive. and i was wondering if you can possibly send me some for lack of a better word sexy photos. They don't have to be nude i just think you're beautiful and id like to see more of you. And if you dont mind id like to send you some photos showing how well endowed i am.

Woman: Oh have Dick Manners....fuck the pictures ill just show you in person.
by LK422 August 29, 2013
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