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A) A pejorative for a Roman. This term has its origins in the phrase "Dick Duck Fart"--a Roman motto (dic duc ferte) meaning say, lead, and bear. Rome's subjugated people referred to their conquerors as "Dick Duck Fuckers."

B) Possibly apocryphal texts suggest that the term had its origins in an incident involving a legionnaire and a Gaul. Like all Romans, the legionnaires would march through enemy territory chanting "Dick Duck Fart." As one especially savage soldier chopped a baby's head off, the mother screamed: "You're all dick duck fuckers!" making a mockery of the Roman battle cry. She was subsequently drawn and quartered.
Mick: Bush and Obama are a couple of imperialist Dick Duck Fuckers.

Kassie: What does Dick Duck Fucker mean?

Mick: It's Latin.
by McMeddles February 22, 2014
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