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A female who has braces. If she were to perform oral sex on a male, she would more than likely cause dammage to his genitals. This is because the metal pieces on her teeth are sharp and quite often are responsible for tearing up a man's nutsac or dank. CAUTION: Men beware these girls if they offer you oral sex, even if she has DSL!
Guy 1: Dude that girl so wants to give me dome! I'm so stoked.
Guy 2: You f*cking moron, she's clearly a dick chainsaw, she'll tear open your nutsac like a hot knife through butter!
Guy 1: Ew, you're right. Thanks to you my package isnt going to be torn up by a chainsaw like a zombie from Doom 3!
by Pappy is ill January 26, 2006
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When somebody makes you so especially mad it gives you the sudden to urge to cut off their dick with a chainsaw.
M: Dude. When Atom was being rude in the gc it made me want to preform a dick chainsaw.
by harmonyxsharpie August 07, 2018
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