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Verb: To attempt to establish a relationship with someone of the opposite sex with the hopes of some romanticism and or sexual contact, but ending in utter failure resulting in a relationship that is purely platonic and non-sexual. Dibart is never a conscious or intentional act but merely an accumulation of actions of the individual and the lack of interest exhibited by the person being pursued. More often then not the pursued will come up with excuses or reasons to not hook up, such as it will ruin our friendship or no I promised myself i wouldn't get drunk and randomly hook up with people.

Noun: A person who is constantly falling into the area known as the "friend Zone", which is a synonymous end result of the verb form of Dibart. Dibarts are great for chatting about other guys that girls are interested in and giving advice on in all other aspects of life except that of the sexual nature because Dibarts are so inexperienced in that area.
Guy 1: "Yo man did you end up bangin out with that chick last night?"
Guy 2: "Nah man I we started talking and I totally Dibarted"
Guy 1: "Dude you suck, your always in the Friend Zone"
In this example guy 1 inquires to the end result of an attempt at forming a sexual relationship but quickly learns that his friend did not succeed and ended up falling into the "friend zone"
by Axelwhat February 03, 2007
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