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The Diarrhoea Hayeswall is a 2 Person Sexual Activity which involves the taking of Laxatives. Once taken, the Man or Woman must lay upside down against a wall with their face towards the wall. The second person must lay on their back behind the Hayeswaller. The Hayeswall will proceed to Shit explosively pooling their shit over their arse until it runs of the back and down into the "Eaters" mouth. Professional Diarrhoea Hayeswallers will be able to Shit into both the "Eaters" and the "Hayeswallers" mouths at the same time.
Before my sister had her Gymnastics meet I decided I would get some revenge on her by spiking her sports drink with Laxatives.

When we got to the meet she was complaining of a stomach ache but she went on to do her performance anyway.

She went out and performed her routine and it was going well, until during her Handstand routine, upside down and in front of everyone, she Shat explosively, everywhere!

It tore right through her Leotard and created a fountain that ran right down her body and into her face and mouth.

It was the perfect Diarrhoea Hayeswall revenge!
by Hayeswall 2.0 November 04, 2013
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