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The Diamond Crip Gang, also known as, Six Deuce Diamond, 6/2 D.C.G. and Eastside Six Deuce Diamond (outside of Fresno City) are a Fresno, California Crip Gang. This gang is part of a multitude of NorCal Crip Gangs, which is known as the Northern California Crip Card within several California prisons. The origin of the gang begins in a small African American neighborhood in the Fresno's West Side of town, during the late 1970's. a local gang, known then as the Diamond Boyz, made a friendly merger with members of the 62 E.C.C. (Six Deuce East Coast Crip/ Eastside Crip), a Notorious Crip gang from South Central Los Angeles. Diamond Crips have several different divisions (Sets) spread around The Westside, Eastside and Northside of Fresno. They are known most for there aggressive and violent behavior with rival gangs, as well as, long standing and violent quarrels among themselves.
"Hit the floor, them Damn Diamond Crips are shooting up the neighborhood again! Man, we really need to get off this Block, asap!"
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by No-Town Savage October 14, 2018
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6/2 Diamond Crip Gang, the #1 crip gang in the No-Town area (Fresno,Ca.). Members are seen around town everywhere wearin blue or atleast w/ a blue rag somewhere on the left. The 6/2(six-deuce) stands for the sixth and second letter of the alphabet, which is F and B meaning Fucc 6loods. There are Diamonds from the East, West, and North side. They "deuce" each other up differently dependin on what side they're from. Each Diamond member usually has their own 6locc or area they 6ang. They use slang like "deuces", "diamonds", and "D'zz" and always do thangs in pairs symbolizin the deuce. The majority of crips in the No-Town area are Diamonds, Ccuz!!
What that Cc like D'zz?
U No what it is Diamonds, crippin...crippin!!

Nigga itz Diamond Crip or nuthin!! WHAaTt!!
6/2 DCG fo life,Ccuzz!!
by P-Nutty September 01, 2005
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A gang in fresno that aint even seen around. When they hit the pen they are in protective custody.
Aye dawg u know them diamond crips aint active out here.

Yeah dawg these crabs aint even seen n tha town us bulldogs everywhere fucka crab "BULLDOGZ!!!"
by Esf Bulldogz July 28, 2018
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