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She has a unique name. She really really pretty, don’t you ever stop loving her. She’s funny, silly, feisty, caring. She most likely the most wonderful person you’ll ever meet. When she’s rude, it’s funny but also a little mean. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still great. She hates school but she focuses a lot but she likes going to school to see her friends. She has a lot of friends and is REALLY loyal to people. When she likes you it’s hard to tell until she actually tells you, if she does tell you just know you’re one lucky guy to have her. She’s also athletic and dances a lot.
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A beautiful bad bitch that is the most prettiest person that you will ever meet. She might be crazy but she is crazy pretty and beautiful. If you see her you will fall in love with her. And she is a kind person and gets mean when she wants to be. ANd she loves animals.
Dialikatou is the best person you will ever meet.
by omg wtf is going on June 16, 2018
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