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A fun, yet addictive game which will take all your freetime (aswell as work-time, school etc) if you get sucked into it, just as the huge amount of vicious emos around the world.
Be carefull this game will turn your best IRL friend into a greedy thief if he can get his virtual paladin fingers on your precious engima.
However when playing with some other friends, or just by yourself the game will be very entertaining. Because of all the different items and spells, there are many ways to personalize your character, and since good items tend to be very rare, finding them is almost compareable to taking alot of ecstasy.

The max level is 99, which requires an enormous amount of experience points, so whenever you'll reach the unreachable you'll most likely be dead or Korean.
Play at own risk, and discover you and your friends darker sides!
Adam: So me and Josh were playing Diablo 2 - Lord of destruction the other day, when he stabbed me and took all my gear.. man that sucks, i gotta pwn him next time i see him.. just don't know how since i haven't got any muscles left... i'll see if i can pay somebody a few high runes to do the job.
Rick: Dude you are fucking retarded man, get a life... How many hrs???????
by WORLDCUP2010 June 16, 2010
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A very addicting game that should never have existed.
many people have succumbed to the secret infared and gamma rays the government pumps outta your computer screen to keep you wasting your life away and letting the mexicans take our jobs.
if you own this game you should b shot or save your self and say fuck you game and stomp on the disk and burn the remains and toss it in the deepest pit you can find.
Play diablo 2 lord of destruction if u wanna waste your life and nver get laid.
Random: dude wanna go play sum diablo 2 Lord of destruction?
Renkotsu: *pulls out a shotgun*
Random: what u gunna do with that?
Renkotsu: saving your life *Cocks the shotgun*
Random: ill just go play sum d2
Renkotsu: *pulls trigger*
Random: HEY!!!!! my d2 disk!
Renkotsu: My work here is done
by Renkotsu April 13, 2008
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