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1. To "dig" someone. To understand him/her. Also synonym to "Can you feel me?"

2. Used as a shout (like halelouiah)

3. An elite torrent uploader from tpB

1. So thats the story...can you digmeh?

2. Can i get a Digmehhhhhh?

3. Yo, did ya know DiGMeH just reached Gaming Top 25 torrents of the net?
by Lyanne P. May 20, 2007
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The word is used by homiez to impliment " can you feel what I'm saying?" or more close to "Can you dig what I'm saying".

Derrived from DIG MEH but put together for shorter sound.
- Yo dawg that can was all up on me, digmeh?
- I digg mayn, I dig.
by D. M. May 04, 2007
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