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"To tickle, itch or scratch ones testicles", or less frequently "to tickle ones genitles" pronounced Deet, ('ee' like in sheet') and doot (past)('oo' like in shoot')

i.e. Jon dheet rachel late in the evening, she was most displeased.
Jon was arrested shortly after

i.e. I have most certainly not dooten antony, it was craig

i.e. Despite the fact that Liam doot Ian earlier that day, Ian still craved more dheeting.

i.e. Ian thought "Liam doot me earlier this evening, but I really do wish for more dheeting"!!!!!

To Dheet - To tickle someones testicles (less frequent genitles)
("h" almost silent)

I dheet
you dheet
he/she/it dheets
we dheet
yous dheet
they dheet

I will dheet
you will dheet
he/she/it will dheet
we will dheet
yous will dheet
they will dheet

I doot
you doot
he/she/it doot
we doot
yous doot
they doot

I shall dheet
you shall dheet
he shall dheet
we shall dheet
yous shall dheet
they shall dheet

Present perfect
I have dooten
you have dooten
he has dooten
we have dooten
yous have dooten
they have dooten

Past perfect
I had dooten
you had dooten
he had dooten
we had dooten
yous had dooten
they had dooten

Future perfect
I will have dooten
you will have dooten
he/she/it will have dooten
we will have dooten
you will have dooten
they will have dooten

Conditional Perfect
I shall have dooten
you shall have dooten
he shall have dooten
we shall have dooten
yous shall have dooten
they shall have dooten

Present continuous
I am dheeting
you are dheeting
he/she/it is dheeting
we are dheeting
you are dheeting
they are dheeting
by Greggegg March 25, 2009
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