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A boy who quickly captivates the heart of girls. His big blue eyes draw girls in for miles. He is a very hard worker and proud of what he does. He always tries his hardest at everything he does. He is very attractive, funny, and smart. He can always make someone laugh. His smile will melt a girl within seconds. The respect he gives draw girls' moms in for miles. There is nothing he won't try to do. He likes to show off. He can eat quite a lot for being so fit and small. He is exactly what everygirl should look for in not only a best friend, but a boyfriend.
Janae-"I just met Devyn Smith...."

Gabby- "Oh i know him, he's an awesome guy."

Janae - "Yeah I know, I think I may just have fallen for him."
by Bree322 July 18, 2011
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