Very handsome, caring, compassionate. A loyal friend, until betrayed. Very talented in many areas. Can be too modest at times when he needs to shine. Very dependable. Doesn't see his true potential like others. Sometimes needs a loving push. Very reserved , athletic, artistic, humorous. Peacemaker who doesn t like conflict, but will deal with you if pushed. Family oriented. Loves sports and will talk if he has something to say. Good listening ear. Deep thinker.
Devontay is a great guy!
by Coquettish51 July 12, 2020
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The name Devontai represents a nigga with a big dick, I'm a girl and every Devontai I've met has a big dick, no one can tell me different, but becareful because they do enjoy playing with girls, Devontai's seem to keep quiet and only speak out when they feel is right.
by yougohoneyyy June 3, 2019
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