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The most unheard and not thought of name in the US, perhaps only 783rd in rank. Commonly confused with boy names as it is the female version of Devin, Devon, and/or De'Von.. Also confused with Dawanna, Milano, Debana, Dana, and other names that sound remotely the same. Most recognized as a warrior in Guild Wars, or as a Celtic river goddess. Of course, the name actually means "warrior, poet, perfectionist."

Many nicknames include Devo (like the band), Devy, Dee man, and other such things.
"Despite her restraint and control, Devona has a temper, and it can get the best of her."
by eren89 June 29, 2008
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A Basic Bitch. A bitch so basic that their pH is 12. A fuckboi of such unequaled proportions that people wheep at the pure fuckboieeness of their existence. Someone that is so bad at video games their best friends say they aren't part of best sub team. A fuckboi who gets their account banned and lose all their subs
That bitchboi Devona tried to act like a basic bitch in chat yesterday
by OOOOoooooyousabasicbitch September 27, 2014
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