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A Devon Oliver is sheman that likes to ride unicorns by the name of Odessa . They live in sheltered dirty black caves where the water is cool and dyed pink. They go to church on friday nights just to see the nuns dance in there sexy nun costumes. If you ever see a Devon Oliver, cover your eyes. It's long flippy hair will blind you , like a reverse Jesus healing. They like a good time in the bounce house and most of them are soccer fairies . You have to love a Devon Oliver , because they are the sexiest creature in the desert, besides camels with four humps. If you ever meet a Devon Oliver you are a lucky fellow , because they are invisible besides when they wear their spongebob diapers. Most of them are struck with impetigo which is yellow blisters on their bum. They listen to screamo music , and like to jack off to FIFA soccer games because the Spanish team members are so hot. They are extremely uncommon , because in 1996 a bunch of hunters shot them down. There is one special Devon Oliver. It has mexican relations and lives in the 757 area zone. It usually does 1000 backflips and then tells you to kiss it's hairy sheman area. My friends and I like to roast them over fireplaces in -1000 degree celcius cold weather. They play girls and then tell them to get on their knees and rub his uniballs. If you are bisexual , then you will like the sheman Devon Oliver.
Sexy Creature One: Whoah man , I just saw a green Devon Oliver with a special edition sponge bob diaper on.

Odessa: that's my master . Isn't he hot ?
by animalsfortwobonersonhigh January 08, 2011
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